Here's a Smokeless Fire Pit, Because Fall Is Officially Here

credit: BioLite

The leaves are changing, the temperatures are cooler, and pumpkin spiced everything is popping up all over the place. Fall has officially arrived.

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Now that the weather is cooler, campfires are a great way to cook delicious fall meals (s'mores included), as well as a way to be cozy and enjoy the crisp air. But the idea of a campfire is sometimes way better than the actual thing. They can be challenging to cook on, plus it's inevitable that you'll breathe in smoke and ultimately smell like a campfire until you shower and wash your clothes.

BioLite's new FirePit promises to make your campfire experience less smokey and a lot more enjoyable. The FirePit burns real wood, it just produces less smoke and makes it easier to cook.

credit: Kickstarter

It's a 20-pound portable grill station that doubles as a flame and heat source. It has folding legs and perforated "X-Ray Mesh" sides for heat distribution and flame visibility.

You can control that fan intensity directly from the FirePit's powerpack or with the BioLite Energy App for Android and iOS.

It also has a Bluetooth controlled fan attachment that helps expedite and regulate combustion, which is great for quickly heating the charcoal.

The $200 device was introduced on Kickstarter by BioLite earlier this week with a May 2018 ship date. Check it out here if you want less smoke and more fire pit in your life.

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