Doodle3D Transform

The first time you see a 3D printer, you think, "cool! I need one of those!"


But then reality sets in. Unless you're printing something that you found in an online library of 3D objects, 3D printing is hard work. Do you actually know how to use a sophisticated 3D design program? Didn't think so.

Doodle3D Transform is a Kickstarter project that aims to simplify that process. It's a 3D design program that lets you draw things on a screen and then extrude, expand, and transform them into 3D objects that are ready for a desktop 3D printer to make real.

It sounds cool, and the promotional video is pretty persuasive, showing some young girls creating a cute little 3D house all by themselves. Did they do it alone? Maybe not. But the video suggests that ordinary peope like you and me will finally be able to print all the cool doodles trapped in our heads.

The app will run in a web browser, so you won't need a tablet to use it. It'll work on any computer—though a mobile app version is planned for tablets as well. And becuase it outputs ordinary STL files, it'll work with any 3D printer on the market (all 3D printer recognize the STL file format, which is the one used by all the object files at the Thingiverse).

The people behind Doodle3D Transform are looking to collect about $56,000 in funding, and they have a long way to go. So if you want to get Doodle3D Transform for yourself, go ahead and back it soon.

Campaign: Doodle3D Transform

Pledges start at: $17

Campaign ends: 10/20/2016