Slow Dance

It's not often that you run across something so magical that you can barely believe your eyes. Virtual reality -- while wearing an early demo version of the Oculus Rift -- was one such moment for me. And now, Slow Dance is another. Only this time, it's happening in the real world, with real objects, without wearing a bucket on your head.


But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Slow Dance is a sort of picture frame into which you can place real world objects, like flowers, feathers, and other small, wiggly objects, and they immediately appear to move in slow motion.

If you're scientifically inclined, you can probably guess how this works. There's a strobe light hidden in the frame that pulses incredibly fast -- 80 times a second. That's faster than the human brain can detect, so the strobe effect is completely invisible to you. The object appears to move continuously, the discontinuous moments when it's hit by the strobe stitched together by your brain into a single uninterrupted motion.

And motion is guaranteed, by the way; a clever contraption featuring an electromaget wiggles the base of the two objects so it looks like they're waving in the wind. Some weird, cosmic, supernatural wind.

In promotional videos, the effect looks both stunning and enchanting. Stunchanting, you might say, if you were inclined to make up words. And the guy behind Slow Dance, Jeff Lieberman, is an MIT-accredited high speed photography artist with tons of credibility as well.

It's not the cheapest Kickstarter project out there; the least expensive plege levels are gone, so you can get on board for about $250. If you're interested, don't dawdle. There's only about a week left on this amazing high tech art exhibit.

Campaign: Slow Dance

Pledges Start At: $199

Campaign Ends: 9/13/20126