MagBolt: Magnetic Connector for Your Smartphone

Sometimes the little things in life make a huge difference.

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Consider connectors: USB is terrible. Just terrible. It was designed to be almost-but-not-quite-symmetrical, and just as buttered toast always seems to land butter-side down when you drop it, a USB plug always seems to go in wrong the first time. In fact, even though USB offers only two possible plug-in choices, getting it to work correctly often takes three tries:

1. You try inserting it. Doesn't fit.

2. You flip it over and try again. Nope, that doesn't work either. It must have been right the first time.

3. You flip it yet again—and this time it goes in.

At least your smartphone connector is better than that. Whether you have an Apple Lightning cable or a USB-C cable (Which is common on many new Android phones), the cables are symmetric and easy to insert. But what if the cable was even more convenient?

That's the ideas behind MagBolt. Imagine inserting a tiny plug into the phone that magnetically attaches to your USB charging cable. Suddenly, charging the phone becomes stupid simple—and easy to do one-handed—as the cable magically snaps into place from inches away. Never again will you damage your phone or cable by accidentally jerking the cable too hard. The cable just disengages magnetically.


It's also potentially safer for your phone: MagBolt seals the port from dirt, dust, and water.

And because MagBolt is a universal system, the plug works in both Lightning and USB-C ports. That's especially handy if you own a mix of iOS and Android devices. MagBolt supports fast charging, and otherwise works like any ordinary cable. Indeed, on the iPhone 7, it also works as an audio cable.

This is not the first magnetic cable design we've seen—even on Kickstarter. But that said, this one looks like it totally rocks.

For about $20, you get the MagBolt connector and one magnetic USB cable; you can add more of each for just a few extra dollars (connectors are $5 and cables are $10).

The developer claims that this project will start shipping by the end of the year, shortly after the campaign ends in November.

Campaign: Magbolt

Pledges start at: $19

Campaign ends: 11/25/2016

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