Great Deals on Great Wearables

Wearables. These days, you see one on almost every wrist, whether it's a basic fitness tracker or a smartwatch with all the bells and whistles. We've rounded up great deals on five popular wearables that can keep you in shape and keep you in touch.

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Groupon is offering a great deal on the uber-popular Fitbit Flex. The discounter is offering the Flex at the bargain price of $59.99, $40 off its $99.99 list price. And if you act quickly, you can save an extra $15, as Groupon has cut that price down to $44.99 through July 28, for a total savings of $55. That gets you Fitbit's excellent activity tracker, which counts steps, distance, and calories burned, while also tracking your sleep. The Flex is comfortable to wear, and Groupon's package comes with three wristbands in your choice of colors.

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If the Fitbit Charge is more your style, Groupon has you covered there too. This wearable is available for $79.99. That's $50 off its $129.99 list price and cheaper than the $99 to $109 that the Charge typically sells for these days. The Charge is slightly bulkier than the thin Fitbit Flex, but it includes a display that shows the time, steps taken, and more, including caller ID information from a connected phone.

If you're not a fan of Fitbit's wearables (and their need for constant recharging), consider this: Groupon also is offering a sweet deal on a Garmin wearable. The discount giant is offering the Vivofit Fitness Band bundled with a heart rate monitor for just $49.99. That's a savings of 71 percent off the $169.99 list price, and a good deal less than the $65 to $80 that these bundles sell for on Amazon.

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If a fitness tracker alone isn't really your style, is offering steep discounts on refurbished LG smartwatches. The LG G Watch is available for $59.99; it typically sells for $100 more than that on Amazon, and while that's not for a refurbished model, it is for an open-box version. That's a bargain for an Android Wear watch, which can pair with an Android smartphone to deliver notifications and information on your wrist.

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For those looking for a more refined smartwatch design, Woot is offering a deal on the LG Urbane Smartwatch. This device typically sells for around $250 when new, but Woot is offering a refurbished model for $139.99. That's a great price for this Android Wear watch that features an updated version of the smartwatch software, a sophisticated design, and a big 1.3-inch screen.

There you have it—five great deals on five cool devices. No matter what your style, you can find the wearable you want at a price you like.

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