Ultra Deals on Ultra HD 4K TVs

Move over, HD. Step aside, LED. When it comes to TVs, there's a new buzzword in town: 4K.

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Also known as Ultra HDTVs, 4K TVs offer a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels—about four times the resolution that a full HD 1920 by 1080 TV offers. Pixels are the tiny dots that make up the picture you see on the TV; more pixels should mean a clearer, more realistic, better-quality picture. It canalso mean a significantly higher price tag. But we've shopped around for some good deals on these cutting-edge TVs.

Go Big or Go Home

Not everyone is sold on 4K TVs, in part because the human eye can see only so much detail anyway. But most people do agree that the bigger the screen, the better the results you'll get from a 4K model. You also get better results if you sit back farther from a 4K TV, so it's a better investment if you have a spacious room to watch TV in. (Neither of these facts is surprising when you consider that movies in theaters are shown in a version of 4K resolution.)

So, how much will a big-screen 4K TV set you back? LG's well-received 55-inch OLED55B6P 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV costs about $2800 at Amazon and Best Buy—a savings of $200 off its $3000 list price.

Looking to save a little more than that? BestBuy.com offers good deals on 4K TVs at its online outlet, where you can pick up an open-box model—a unit that a previous owner opened and returned. Each TV's condition is labeled Excellent-Certified, Excellent, Satisfactory, or Fair. Best Buy allows you to return open box TVs if you have a change of heart, and it offers a warranty on the products.

Sony 75 Inch Smart 3D 4K Ultra HD TV

I found an open-box version of the pricey 75-inch Sony Smart 3D 4K Ultra HDTV with High Dynamic Range for $4250. Yes, that's still a sky-high price—but it is $750 off the $5000 sale price Best Buy is currently asking for an unopened-box version of the same model.

If you don't have that kind of spare cash to spend, check out Dell's deal on the LG 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV 65UH7700 UHD TV. Dell is offering this TV for $1500 (the same price you'll find it for at Best Buy, Amazon, and a few other retailers) and is throwing in a $400 Dell eGift Card good for $400 off another Dell product that you purchase within 90 days. So if you plan on making another Dell purchase in the near future, this TV could be the one for you.

Smaller Screens, Smaller Prices

Samsung 40-Inch LED Smart 4K Ultra HD TV

Looking for something a bit smaller in size and price? Best Buy is offering an open-box version of Samsung's 40-inch LED Smart 4K Ultra HD TV for $400—that's $50 off the $450 Best Buy charges for the same TV in an unopened box.

Meanwhile, Walmart.com is offering Samsung's 48-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV on sale for $568. You need to add the TV to your cart to see that price, which the retailer says is below Samsung's minimum advertised price. I don't see this TV available at many other retailers, but Amazon is offering used versions of the TV for around $700, which is significantly more than Walmart is charging for a new model.

Keep in mind that TV technology is constantly changing, and so are TV prices. Today's cutting-edge unit could be tomorrow's bargain basement find—and that's okay! If you're certain that a 4K TV is for you, happy shopping!

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