A Secret Tinder Exists for Celebs, Because Dating Is Hard You Guys

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Tinder has been hiding something from most of the dating population, and it's a pretty big something. The swipe right/swipe left dating app has been operating a members-only version of itself made specifically for celebrities, CEOs, super models, really attractive people and just straight up rich people.

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So if you've noticed that many of the insanely attractive people you used to see on Tinder have disappeared, it's likely not because they met their soul mates (although, who knows, that might also be true). They've moved on.

Tinder has invited the elite group of people to join Tinder Select so they have the opportunity to mingle with their own species of gorgeous and wealthy folks. Once you're a member, you have a certain number of invitations to send to friends who you think would be good additions to the club.

Earning admittance to the secret version of Tinder might be based on your real life status, as well as the app's internal ratings system, The Elo Score, according to TechCrunch. The Elo Score is an algorithmic ratings system based on how much info you provide and the number of swipe rights and lefts you receive. In other words, if you're super popular on Tinder, Tinder Select might invite you to join its private club.

Some (beautiful, we assume) person shared the screenshots from Tinder Select with TechCrunch. Users have the ability to switch between Select and regular Tinder, so technically a celebrity could still swipe right on mere mortals.

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Does all of this sound kind of gross to you? We agree.

But Zac Efron made an interesting point last summer in an interview with Britain's The Times. The actor explained that because of his celebrity status, he's instantly recognizable. And that makes for a very difficult dating situation. He even signed up for Tinder, but didn't have any luck.

"Amazingly, when I signed up for Tinder, nobody swiped me!" he said. "They thought it was fake... That never happened."

OK, so maybe Tinder Select is doing good things for people who otherwise have trouble finding dates. Or maybe it's just another elitist app that the rest of us aren't invited to.

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