Netflix Finally Has a "Skip Intro" Button

credit: Neftlix

After waiting for what seems like a lifetime, there's finally a way to skip the opening credits when watching certain TV shows on Netflix. So now you'll have one to two extra minutes to do something else worthwhile with your time — like make popcorn, grab a blanket or watch an extra episode.

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Netflix is testing a "skip intro" button that appears when you hover over the title sequence. As of now, it looks like it's only available on Netflix originals like House of Cards, Mad Men, Iron Fist and third-party shows like Parks and Recreation, Friends and The Office.

credit: NBC / Neftlix

The button works with shows that start with a title sequence and ones where the title sequence kicks in after a cold open.

It's basically a binge-watchers dream come true.

So far the skip intro button seems to only be available while watching Netflix on the web, because implementing the feature on other platforms where Netflix is available would require app updates. Of course, app updates aren't unusual, so perhaps Netflix just wants to make sure a skip button is what the people want before rolling it out across the board.

People have taken to Twitter to express their enthusiasm for the new feature:

While others aren't thrilled about it, because they feel like watching the intro is part of the art of the TV show.

And in some cases, we agree. Like the point this Twitter user makes about The Fresh Prince:

But whatever your feelings are about the skip intro button, it a thing that's happening now. If you're into it — great! Skip away. If you're not — well, you can go ahead and skip the skipping. No one will ever know or care.

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