Instagram Has Added Another New Feature

credit: Instagram

Another day, another Instagram update. This time, it's an update you'll either love, hate or feel completely indifferent about. Ready for it?

Video of the Day

You can now save your Instagram Live videos, which means you can finally watch yourself do whatever it is you do as many times as you please.

Until now, Live videos weren't able to be saved. Once you broadcasted your video, that was it. It was over and your footage was lost forever. But that's all changing thanks to Instagram's new feature.

Here's how its done

Once your Live video is complete, tap Save, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen. Then tap Done and your video will show up in your camera roll. Of course, the video will then disappear from the app, but not from your life.

credit: Instagram

You won't be able to save comments, likes, the number of viewers or any live interactions, according to Instagram's blog. But this isn't really about any of that. This is about saving a cool, hilarious, amazing video you shot that you don't want to commit to memory. And now you won't have to!

Before you get too critical of your Instagram performance though, remember that you've already put the video out there, so there's no turning back. What's done is done. But hey, at least you're the only one who can save your Live video — as opposed to your mom saving it and posting it to her own Feed, because she just loves you so much...or, you know, a creeper stranger saving it for god knows why.

To make sure the new feature works on your phone, you'll need to update to Instagram version 10.12, which is available for iOS and Android.

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