A Robot Maid Might Be Cleaning Your Hotel Room Soon


Life is about to get a little more sci-fi thanks to the world's first housekeeping robot, affectionately named Rosie — after the robotic maid in The Jetsons, of course.

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Maidbot is a robotics company revolutionizing the way humans clean. Created by Micah Green and Alex Levy while studying Cornell's School of Hotel Administration, the purpose of Maidbot is to clean the floors of hotel bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, ballrooms and more to lighten the burdens of cleaning staff.

Here's how Rosie works

Through advanced sensors, Rosie uses mapping algorithms to navigate around obstructions like luggage and blankets. Rosie is equipped with a battery that can last over ten times the vacuuming power of consumer robotics solutions. The algorithms work similarly to self-driving cars.

Rosie isn't meant to replace hotel cleaning staff, rather it's meant to be used as a supplement, helping hotels reduce the high costs and inconsistencies in housekeeping.

Maidbot is tackling three major housekeeping issues: "Housekeeping is the highest variable cost regardless of the hotel, room attendants have the highest injury rates in the service sector and current commercial cleaning practices are inconsistent," according to Maidbot.

Hotel housekeeping staff have the highest injury rates in the service industry due to repetitive motions and the stress of lifting heavy items like beds while cleaning, according to a 2012 report from UCLA.

Maidbot is hoping to eliminate those risks, giving housekeepers the ability and time to focus on more meaningful and enjoyable work.

Rosie is currently undergoing beta-testing to develop a product that's ready for the market.

"The industry's lacking technology and the inefficiencies that come with that are crazy," Levy explained to Cornell. "We like to say where we're at with robotics is where computers were at in the 1970s. The opportunity for innovation is endless."

So if you've ever dreamed of living in the world of the Jetsons, that dream may soon become a reality.

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