People Will Take Around 25,000 Selfies Over the Course of Their Lives

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Whether you take selfies to show off your new haircut, the outfit you feel super confident in or to check if you have anything in your teeth, chances are you have a solid amount of selfies on your phone.

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Smartphones have made it really easy to snap as many selfies as your heart desires — not to mention all the filters you can add to make yourself look flawless.

Well, good news for Samsung users — your selfie game is about to get even stronger. Samsung recently announced its new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. One of the most exciting features on both new phones (according to Samsung) is the improved 8MP front-facing camera with face detection, which will give users maximum selfie results. Both the front and rear cameras are said to produce bright and clear photos, even when there's very little light.

To help promote the release of the new phone, Samsung estimated how many selfies the average millennial would take in a lifetime. Their guess? 25,000.

If that sounds like a lot of selfies to you, we're totally with you. The average life expectancy of a current young adult (let's say a 33-year-old) is around 85 years old. So that would mean from this point on, the person would be taking around 480 selfies per year, averaging out to one to two selfies per day — forever.

When it's broken down like that, it doesn't sound too crazy (although it's hard to imagine 80-year-olds snapping that many selfies). In fact, back in 2015, teeth whitening brand Luster Premium White conducted a study revealing that people born after 1980 will take over 25,000 selfies in a lifetime. The study also found that 95 percent of people have taken at least one selfie.

So if you're going to dedicate so much time and effort into taking selfies, you might as well use a camera that'll help you look your best. At least that's the position Samsung is taking.

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