Trick Your Dog Into Taking the Perfect Selfie With This Clever Device

credit: Pooch Selfie

Dogs are great at so many things. They're fantastic snugglers, excellent walking partners, they offer the best emotional support, and they're really good at cleaning up the kitchen floor with their tongues.

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But something they're not great at? Selfies.

Because why would they be? Dogs don't care about photos. They care about spending time with you, playing, sleeping, eating, and pooping.

That doesn't stop you from trying to take the best selfie ever though, right? Well, we just found a way to step up you and your dog's selfie game in a major way. The Pooch Selfie Smartphone Attachment will change the way you take pictures with your dogs by distracting them with a squeaking tennis ball.

Genius, right? That is, if your dog loves tennis balls.

Each Pooch Selfie comes with a smartphone attachment and a squeaking tennis ball. Give the ol' ball a squeak, and it'll cause your dog to look in the general direction of the camera. Even if it's only for a second, it'll be long enough to capture an adorable selfie.

credit: Pooch Selfie

You can buy your very own Pooch Selfie for $12.99 here. The attachment works with iPhones and Galaxy models and is compatible with most third party cases.

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