Your Dog Can Play Fetch Alone With This Robotic Ball

credit: Pebby

If it breaks your heart to leave your dog at home alone, you're just like every loving dog parent ever. But good news, there's a new device that could make your time away a little easier.

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The Pebby is a robotic smart ball that allows you to play with your pet even when you're not physically there. Set the ball to auto-play mode, and it'll entertain your pet while you watch, interact, and capture the cute moments in real time.

It may sound a little creepy, but trust us, it's purely adorable.

The company launched on Indiegogo, where it has raised over $532,000 — far surpassing the monetary goal. The product is set to be released sometime in November. You'll be able to buy the Pebby Pack, which comes with a PebbyBall, PebbyKennel charging dock, PebbyCollar motion sensor collar, and the free Pebby app for iOS and Android.

credit: Pebby

Here's how it works

When your dog or cat (yes, there's a special version of the ball for cats too) starts to play with the ball, your phone will receive an alert to let you know so you can start interacting. If your pet doesn't really show an interest in the ball by herself, you can initiate the playtime. A two-way audio and mic system lets you send a "woof," "meow," or pre-recorded message of your voice through your phone.

To track your pet's activity, he will need to be wearing the PebbyCollar motion sensor, which syncs with the smart ball. Download the app to live stream video and to control the functions of the ball from anywhere.

The battery in the PebbyCollar can last for an entire eight days, and you can charge the ball remotely. Simply drive it near the PebbyKennel remote self-docking station and an auto-align function will lock it in to charge.

The durable PlolyCarbonate casing is waterproof and shatterproof, but replaceable just in case. It's said to be play-proof, even with dogs and cats who love to play extra hard.

The ball's magnetic caps are customizable, so you can choose from an array of different colors and patterns.

credit: Pebby

You can pre-order the Pebby Pack here for $189. November can't come soon enough!

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