Always Take the Perfect Photo of Your Dog with This Device

credit: Flexy Paw

Getting the perfect photo of your dog isn't easy. It usually requires making all sorts of high-pitched noises and calling his name to get his attention. And of course, there's always bribery.

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But thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign, you may never have to suffer through the pain of trying to get your dog to look at the camera lens again. And your dog won't have to suffer through it either (but he'll still benefit from bribery).

Flexy Paw is the latest genius idea in pet products. It's a phone attachment with a flexible arm and paw clip to hold your pet's favorite treat. So when you take a picture, your dog (or cat) is already looking at the lens... because TREAT! It's a brilliant invention that will make your Instagram posts even more adorable.

Flexy Paw will be sold for $19.99 and will be available in November at the earliest, but only if the company reaches it's $39,000 goal. It currently has a ways to go, but if you believe in the product, you can help make the Flexy Paw a reality by clicking here. Your dog's selfies are depending on you.

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