This Futuristic House Folds and Unfolds in Minutes


Mobile homes just got way more futuristic than we ever thought possible. Ten Fold Engineering in the UK has built a house that can fold and unfold itself in ten minutes. By simply pressing a button with a battery-powered drill, the house literally builds itself.

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The unit can be used as a home, office, classroom, or business. It can expand to three times its folded size with about 215 square feet of living space. There are no geographical limits to where these units can be installed, because they don't need to be installed on foundation. They can even be placed on sloping or uneven ground, which, to be honest, doesn't really sound very comfortable.

Check out a video explaining how it works:

The house may be small, but there's a lot of space inside to furnish and decorate however the owner chooses. In the video, everything seen in the house after it unfolded was already inside with room to spare.

Another cool thing about the units is that they can be stacked and interlinked. So, you could essentially build mobile apartments if you wanted.


The comfortable and adaptable homes have off-grid potential, and they are completely future proof — meaning any element can easily be added or replaced at any time. An interchangeable pod system allows you to choose almost any combination of folding partitions and equipment to suit any purpose. The starting price for each unit is $129,000. Contact Ten Fold Engineering here to learn more.

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