Alexa Can Now Play Music for Every Activity in Your Life

credit: Amazon

Amazon has updated its Alexa voice assistant to now offer over 500 new voice commands for music based on pretty much every activity you can think of. So, now you can request specific music for running, cooking, partying, getting pumped up, meditating, napping, etc.

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You can even ask Alexa to "play baby-making music" or "play hook-up music," and no one needs to know except you and Alexa.

Users are also able to combine music genres with activities, like "classical music for running" or "country music for dinner party."

The commands are available for people who have Amazon Prime Music, which is included with a $99 Prime membership, and Amazon Music Unlimited, which costs $4 monthly for Echo owners.

The new update is available now on all Alexa-enabled devices.

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