This App Will Remember All Your Passwords So You Don't Have To


Passwords are getting harder and harder to manage. To create a safe password, experts say you need to choose words that aren't easily guessable (like the name of your kid or pet). You also need to choose a relevant number, along with symbols, and maybe even a capital letter.

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So yeah, passwords are hard.

If you're constantly forgetting your passwords, there's an app that will help you keep track of them, because you already have enough on your mind.

The 1Password app remembers all of your passwords for you. All you need to do is save your passwords in the app, which you'll gain access to with one master password, and then you'll be able to log in to sites with a single click.

credit: 1Password

It's integrated into your desktop browser, iOS device, or Android phone, and automatically syncs between every device you own. So, when you're ready to go to any site you have a password for, just click the site's button and you're in.

credit: 1Password

When you come across a new site and need to come up with a password, 1Password will generate a safe password for you and save it where it needs to go.

You can even save important information like bank account numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, drivers licenses, passport information, or top secret ideas.

The app also features a service that can alert you to possible security breaches before the media does.

Here's how it works:

Click here to start your free 30-day trial. After that, it's $2.99 per month for one person and $4.99 per month for your whole family (up to five people). It's a small price to pay for never needing to click the "forgot password" button again.

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