Virtually Try on Furniture Before You Buy

credit: Modsy

Redecorating your home is exciting and fun, but unless you're Nate Berkus, it can be difficult choosing the right pieces. And if you don't choose the right pieces, it can be a pretty expensive mistake. That's where Modsy comes in.

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Modsy is a service that lets you visualize new furniture in a room before you buy it. You can design your entire home or office for much cheaper than it would cost to hire a real life interior designer.

Here's how it works

Tell Modsy about your project, take their style quiz, and let them know what type of look you're going for. Upload photos of the room you want to design (you don't even need to declutter), and they'll clear everything out and create a 3D model of your room to scale.

You'll then be able to design your room with their styling tools. They'll provide you with multiple layout options and different products. You can use their editor to swap out items and rearrange the room until you're happy with what you see. If you need some extra help, they have style advisors available to offer their opinions.

The best part? You can actually buy every single product from your designs directly from over 100 brands.

The cost is $69 per room with a $20 credit toward whatever you buy. And $199 per room allows you to work one-on-one with a designer throughout the process, plus a $50 credit toward merchandise. Click here to get started.

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