Nest Now Makes a Home Security System

credit: Nest

Nest just expanded its product line to include a home security system. The Nest Secure alarm system uses motion sensors, speakers, NFC key fobs, and Nest's app to ensure your home is secure.

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The system is powered by a Nest Guard, a small base station, which is essentially the brains of the system. It allows you to enable and disarm the alarm, and it comes equipped with a speaker, motion sensors, and a panic button.

In addition to the Guard, the system comes with Nest Detect motion sensors that attach to doors and windows. If motion is detected, the alarm on the Nest Guard goes off and sends a notification to your phone through the Nest app.

You can enable and disable the alarm through the app, by using a passcode on the Guard, or by using a Nest Tag (key fob) by simply tabbing it on the Guard. Customize the tag via the app to give people you trust access to your home at all times or at certain times of the day. If it somehow goes missing, it can be easily disabled within the app.

credit: Nest

When you arm the alarm, you won't need to rush out the door. Nest Secure allows you to choose how much time you need as you're leaving the house, and a friendly voice lets you know how much time you have left. If you forget to set the alarm, you can get a Remind Me alert, allowing you to arm from your phone. And if you need to leave the house when its armed, just press the Quiet Open button when you open the door. After you leave, the door will automatically go back to being armed.

Heres how it works:

A major downfall of Nest Secure is its lack of ability to notify law enforcement if someone breaks in. Ultimately, the Nest makes you aware of any issues, then it's up to you to handle it. But if you haven't perfected your Chuck Norris fighting skills, Nest has a solution — the company will be partnering with Moni, a professional monitoring service, for an added cost (no word on what that cost will be).

You can pre-order Nest Secure now, and it'll ship in November. The starter kit, which includes the Nest Guard base, two motion detectors, and two NFC keychains, is priced at $499. You can buy additional motion detectors for $59 each and Nest Tags for $25 each.

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