This Personal Healthcare Robot Will Save Trips to the Doctor


Catalia Health has created a robot that acts as a live-in nurse. The Mabu personal healthcare companion is a smart, socially interactive robot whose conversations are tailored to each patient she works with.

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Using cloud-based intelligence, Mabu engages patients in discussions on a daily basis about their health, medications, any symptoms they might be having, and how they're feeling in general. She then collects data for their longterm healthcare.

She speaks out loud and shows everything she's saying on her screen. Patients respond by speaking or by touching the buttons on the screen. Mabu can see the patient's face so she can make appropriate eye contact. According to Catalia Health, the structure of these conversations is based on proven behavioral models of psychology to promote behavior change.

Mabu asks questions like, "How is it going with your medications?" Mabu then asks follow-up questions to find out if the patient took her medications today, if she's facing any challenges, and if she should set a reminder for the patient to take her medications.

If the patient indicates that he isn't feeling well, Mabu offers to send a message to his team of medical professionals.

Here's a glimpse at Mabu in action:

Click here to find out more about Mabu and the Catalia Healthcare platform.

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