Alexa Now Recognizes the Voices of Your Whole Family

credit: Amazon

Alexa keeps getting smarter and smarter. Amazon Echo devices can now recognize multiple voices. Through the new Voice Profile feature, you can teach Alexa to recognize your voice in order to provide a personalized experience.

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So, if your kid or significant other somehow managed to trick Alexa into only responding to them, that's now a thing of the past (it's OK to still be bitter about it though).

You can now use your voice to route Calls and Messages, gain access to Shopping without a confirmation code, play Flash Briefings, and access an Amazon Music Unlimited Family plan.

Amazon explains how to set up and use Voice Profiles in a video on its website (as it turns out, if you play the video near your device, Alexa will totally awkwardly respond to it).

To set up your own Voice Profile, open the Amazon app. Select Settings and tap Your Voice, then select Begin. From the dropdown menu, select the device you want to interact with to teach Alexa your voice. Then click Next. Say the phrases out loud when prompted (there are 10 of them). Speak as you normally would at whatever distance you're usually at. And that's it—you're good to go.

Other voices can be added to the same device by signing into their own account via their own Alexa app, or they can choose the "I'm someone else" option on your mobile Alexa app, then set up their voice on the device the same way.

Now Alexa will never not know who you are, and that's a beautiful thing.

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