Google Photos Now Groups Photos of Your Pets

credit: Jill Layton

Since all pet owners take approximately 8,764 photos of their dogs and cats annually, Google has introduced a new function that will make finding photo of your favorite furry family member simple.

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Google Photos now automatically recognizes the faces of your dogs and cats and groups their photos together just like it does with photos of people. The new function was announced in a Google blog post.

You can assign a label to each grouping of pet photo, so when you desperately need to see that ridiculously cute photo of your dog wearing sunglasses, just search by using your dog's name.

credit: Google

Google Photos already lets you search by breed to see photos of your pets, and it also allows you to search by emoji to see all of the adorable dog or cat photos you forgot you took.

The new features are only available for dogs and cats though, so even if you have an incredibly photogenic bird, hedgehog, or tarantula, you'll need to organize those pics yourself.

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