Spruce up Your Apple Watch With One of These Cool Bands

credit: Native Union

The Apple Watch is super great for so many reasons. Aside from the fact that it can make calls for you, stream music, track your activity, etc. etc., it can also look like a totally new watch in seconds by simply replacing the band.

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As humans, we're versatile, and our watch bands should be too. The opportunities to change up the look of your Apple Watch are almost endless.

Here are some of those opportunities:

Casetify Double Tour Band

This Casetify leather band will give you a timeless, worn-in feel. You can wear it doubled up or as a single band. It comes in brown, black, and red.

credit: Casetify

Get it here for $90.

The Ultimate Cuff

The Ultimate Cuff company offers a gorgeous mix of modern jewelry and functional Apple Watch series 3 bands. There are several cool bands to choose from in different colors options.


Check out this one here for $98.

Bucardo Pocket Watch

Wear your Apple Watch as a classic pocket watch! This limited edition black pinstripe watch will make you feel fancier than you are, and that's always nice.

credit: Bucardo

Available here for $219.

Casetify Pink and Stripes Band

Mix up the look of your wrist with this fun pink and stripes band. This saffiano leather Apple watch band was designed for your active lifestyle.

credit: Casetify

Get it here for $52.

Native Union Active Strap

Stylish and functional, this Native Union strap is great for all occasions. It can be dressed up or down, and it's comfortable enough to never take off—except to charge your watch, of course.

credit: Native Union

Buy it here for $99.99.

Monowear Design Nylon Strap

A simple, yet sleek looking strap. The Monowear Design Nylon Strap comes in several colors, and comparatively, it's pretty inexpensive.

credit: Amazon

Get here for $34.99.

Casetify Custom Band

If you just don't seem to be able to find a band you like, why not create your own? Casetify offers bands that you can customize to look exactly how you want them to. Whether that's with specific colors and designs or pictures of your kids. It's up to you.

credit: Casetify

Buy it here for $52.

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