A Comparison of the Casio FX-115ES & FX115MS

Because of the numerous applications that require scientific calculators, manufacturers such as Casio develop models that enable users to perform highly specialized functions. The Casio FX-115ES and FX115MS are two scientific calculator models that perform similar functions. Both models are available for purchase from Casio and numerous on and offline third-party retailers.


The FX-115ES uses the S-V.P.A.M. operating system and can perform more than 279 scientific and mathematical functions. This calculator can also display two lines of digits and can review and edit preview entries with fixed decimal capabilities. Some of the mathematical functions available on this model include metric conversions, scientific notations, fractional calculations and complex numbers. The available trigonometry functions include Sin, Cos, Tan and inverses as well as hyperbolic functions and conversions between DEG, RAD and GRAD. Some of the available statistical functions include standard deviation, linear regression and a random number generator.


The FZ-115MS, on the other hand, uses the VPAM processor. The calculator also features 279 built-in functions and a two-line display. Some additional functions include the ability to calculate exponent powers of 10, Pi, correct the order of operations, x^/square root and x^3/cube root. This model can perform the same statistical and trigonometry functions as the FX-115ES. Additionally, the FX115MS can perform advanced calculus functions such as numeric integration and numeric differential calculations. Further, this model can calcualte Boolean Logic operations, engineering symbol calculations and simultaneous and polynomial equations.


Both the FX-115ES and the FX-115MS can perform similar functions. Additionally, both models use solar energy for their power source. The primary difference between these calculators is that the FX-115MS features the ability to perform advanced calculus functions. Additionally, according to Casio's website, the FX-115ES has a slightly higher manufacturer's suggested retail price.

Uses and Learning Curve

Scientific calculators have a wide variety of applications in chemistry, physics, astronomy, business and mathematics. Additionally, many advanced mathematics, science and business classes require scientific calculators as part of the curriculum. The complexity of the mathematical equations performed on these calculators requires a significant learning curve. You can, however, download free tutorials and manuals for most scientific calculators, including the Casio FX-115ES and FX-115MS.