Adobe Flash Player Won't Download

By Stephen Lilley

If Adobe Flash Player's installation file won't download onto your computer, you can't set up the software and run it on your machine. This is a problem. The first thing you need to do is examine exactly why Adobe Flash Player won't download onto your computer. This involves a bit of troubleshooting. It shouldn't be more than a couple of minutes before you have Adobe Flash Player up and running on your machine.

Step 1

Make sure that you're attempting to download Adobe Flash Player from Adobe's official website. Though there may be other places that offer Adobe Flash Player as a download, the only place that you can be 100 percent confident that you're not getting a virus disguised as Flash Player is from Adobe's Flash Player download website (see References).

Step 2

Log off of the current user account that you're logged into and log back in as the computer's administrator. Depending on the access rights that the administrator has set on your computer, other accounts may not be able to download files. If you log in as the system administrator you'll be able to do anything you'd like on your computer, and that includes downloading Adobe Flash Player.

Step 3

Try using a different Web browser. Certain browsers may have trouble accessing and downloading files from certain sites, so if you're attempting to download Flash Player with one browser in particular try another one. Apple's Safari, Mozilla's Firefox and Google's Chrome are all free Web browsers that will work on the Windows operating system.

Step 4

Make sure there is enough room on your hard drive to hold the Adobe Flash Player installation file. Though the file is small in size, if your hard drive is filled to capacity your browse isn't going to be able to download the file. Try deleting some unnecessary files or archiving important data to CDs or DVDs to make room and then try downloading Adobe Flash Player onto your computer again.

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