Advantages of Microsoft Excel

By James Lemoine

As the industry standard for spreadsheet software, Microsoft Excel comes with many advantages to the new user or the user transitioning from another spreadsheet package. Over several decades, Microsoft has updated, expanded and tweaked Excel to keep up with both modern technology and the needs of spreadsheet users. Here are a few of the advantages of using Microsoft Excel.

Compatibility with Other Excel Users

Excel users rarely need to worry about file compatibility when sending or receiving spreadsheets to or from colleagues. Due to the extraordinary popularity of Microsoft Excel, Excel users seldom need to worry about converting a spreadsheet to a different format.

Compatibility with Other Financial and Data Manipulation Software

Again due to Excel's popularity, Excel spreadsheets can be inserted, viewed, imported or manipulated from within a variety of other popular software applications, from other Microsoft Office products to third-party accounting and tracking programs.

Robust Help and Assistance Availability

Beyond the extensive help documentation included within Microsoft Excel, users can also find many resources for help online, in libraries and in bookstores in the form of free tutorials, walk-through videos, support forums and comprehensive guides and how-to books.

Powerful Customization

Although these features are rarely seen by most users, Microsoft Excel offers tremendous customization through macros and Visual Basic add-ons, for those users with specific needs and programming experience.

Ease of Use

Excel is also widely considered to be one of the most easily accessible spreadsheet programs, with instinctive design, simple point-and-click functionality and helpful wizards to guide new users through the more complicated processes.