Can Deleted Emails Be Copied Back to the Comcast Server?

When you accidentally delete important emails from your XFinity Comcast mail account, there is hope for email recovery. Whether or not deleted emails can be copied back to the Comcast Server all depends on where the emails are deleted from and your mail preference settings. If your deleted emails are not recoverable, take action to ensure your emails are protected from future deletion.

Deleted From Mail Client

If you have your Comcast email set up on your personal computer, it is possible to copy deleted emails back to the Comcast mail server. Most mail clients have an option that allows you to leave a copy of your original messages on the mail server. If this option is enabled, your messages are automatically backed up. Unread messages are only backed up for 45 days. After 45 days, Comcast automatically deletes the unread message from the server to preserve storage space.

Deleted From Comcast WebMail

If you delete your emails via the Comcast WebMail online portal, there is a strong possiblility that your messages are deleted forever. Messages are still recoverable if they have been in your WebMail “Trash” folder for less than 24 hours. You can also get the messages back if they still appear in your computer's mail client program. If your deleted WebMail messages do not appear in the Trash folder and no longer appear in your mail client, they are not recoverable.

Restoring Emails Deleted From Mail Client

To get emails back that are deleted from your computer's mail client, simply log in to the Comcast WebMail portal. Click “Inbox” to access your messages. Alternatively, select the “Receive Mail” option from your mail program. Each time your mail client searches for new mail, the deleted messages will reappear in your mail program's “Inbox.”

Restoring Emails Deleted From Comcast WebMail

To get back messages that are deleted using the Comcast WebMail portal, log in to the WebMail program. Click the “Trash” folder. Click the radio box next to the messages you want to restore. Click “Move To” from the top toolbar. Select “Inbox.” The deleted messages are automatically removed from your trash and restored. Alternatively, if the deleted messages still appear in your mail client, locate the message in your mail client program. Click the “Forward” option, and enter your Comcast email address to forward the message back to your Comcast email account.

Protecting Future Messages

To ensure that all of your future Comcast messages are protected from accidental deletion, open your Outlook mail client. Click “Tools” from the top menu bar. Select “Email Accounts.” Select the option to “View Or Change Existing Account.” Click “Next.” Select your Comcast mail account from the list. Click “Change” and “More Settings.” Click the “Advanced” tab. Click the radio box labeled “Leave A Copy Of Messages On The Server.” Click “OK” to save and apply these changes. To protect messages in Thunderbird, select “Tools” and “Account Settings.” Select your Comcast account from the email account list. Click “Server Settings.” Click the radio box labeled “Leave Messages On Server.”