Can I Convert the Linksy's WRT110 to a Wireless Bridge Using DD-WRT?

The Linksys WRT110 RangePlus wireless router is a 802.11-compliant device that supports both wired and wireless connections. Cisco, which owns Linksys, stopped manufacturing the WRT110; although stores may offer leftover product, it may not be restocked. As with many older or unsupported routers, users may turn to the WRT110 as a potential wireless bridge. Because of hardware and support limitations, however, the router can't be used as anything but an access point.

About Wireless Bridging

A wireless bridge is used to join multiple networks. A router in bridging mode connects to the Internet with a wired connection and sends a wireless signal to a second access point to allow other wired connections; some bridges also enable users to connect wirelessly at the same time. Wireless bridges are useful to extend a network to other wired computers without running extensive cables.

Linksys WRT110

All Linksys WRT wireless routers are simple access points, which means that they only allow other devices to connect to the Internet. They cannot establish a connection with another wireless device; because of this limitation, the WRT110 is unable to act as a wireless bridge or a wireless repeater. As a standard wireless router, the WRT110 gets positive reviews for speed and stability among customers.

DD-WRT Support

According to the DD-WRT database, you can't use DD-WRT to turn the Linksys WRT110 router into a wireless bridge because of technical issues. Although some routers are marked with the possibility of future firmware development, the database indicates that DD-WRT won't be available for the WRT110 at any time in the future.


The Linksys WRT110 uses a RaLink chipset, which makes it incompatible with DD-WRT because of the existing firmware licensing. Although users in the DD-WRT support forum have discussed installing DD-WRT on the Linksys WRT110, doing so can cause damage to the device and cause it to "brick." A bricked router will no longer function.