Can I Disable International Calling With AT&T?

The charge for making an international long distance phone call, as opposed to a domestic call, on an AT&T phone is more expensive. What's more, as a result of the mobile rates charged in other countries, an international long distance call placed from an AT&T cell phone is more expensive than the same call placed from an AT&T home phone. International calling charges can quickly add up to high bills, especially if you don't subscribe to one of AT&T's International long distance voice packages. Fortunately there is a way to disable international calling on your AT&T phone, to an extent.

Adding "International Call Block" to your AT&T home phone plan blocks some international calling.

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AT&T Cell Phones

To make an international long distance call on an AT&T cell phone, "international long distance dialing" service must be activated on your phone. This service feature does not automatically come with your AT&T wireless plan. You have to meet certain eligibility requirements before requesting that the service be added to your plan. If you do not already have international long distance dialing service on your AT&T wireless plan, international calling is already disabled on your cell phone. If the service is activated on your cell phone, all you have to do to disable this feature is have the service removed from your phone plan. Call the AT&T Customer Center at 800-331-0500 and tell the customer support representative to remove international long distance dialing service from your plan. Or you can remove the service yourself online through the My AT&T Online Account Management tool. Log into your account and click on the "Manage Features" link in the "Quick Links" section of the Web page.

AT&T Home Phone

AT&T offers an International Call Block feature for its home phone customers. This applies to AT&T U-verse digital voice customers and AT&T landline phone customers. The International Call Block feature blocks direct-dialed calls prefixed by 011, 010, 10XXX+011 and 101XXXX+011. Calls placed to such numbers are routed to a recorded voice announcement stating that international phone calls cannot be made from the current phone line. No charge is billed to your account for the phone call.

Add International Call Block

To add the International Call Block feature to your AT&T home phone plan, contact the AT&T Customer Center to request the service. The feature is added to your phone plan for an additional small monthly charge. If you are an AT&T U-verse voice customer or an AT&T landline phone and DSL Internet customer, you can also add this feature to your phone plan via the My AT&T Online Account Management tool.


International Call Blocking does not work with phone calls placed to the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, Puerto Rico, most Caribbean nations, Northern Marianas and other countries with dialing protocols similar to the United States. In addition, International Call Blocking service only blocks outgoing international phone calls. It does not block incoming international phone calls.

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