Can I Stream Live Video to a TV With Apple TV?

Apple TV, a device that connects to your computer and a television set, allows you to watch live streaming Internet videos on your TV.�� The device also enables you to use your TV to browse and play video files stored on your computer, and to play online movies and Internet user-generated videos. Apple TV provides free access to live streaming news 24 hours a day. You can also watch live sports when you must purchase a subscription for the season.

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Watch streaming videos on a TV with Apple TV.
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The Apple TV device connects wirelessly to your computer via Wi-Fi to access Internet live streaming video. Your TV and the Apple TV device feature HDMI ports and connect to each other with a cable. Use an optional audio cable to connect Apple TV's optical audio port to the audio in port on your TV or sound system. Apple TV also has a built-in infrared receiver that accepts signals from the included IR remote control.

System Requirements

Your Mac must run OS X version 10.58 or later, or a PC must run Windows 7, Visa XP Home or Professional to stream live video with Apple TV to a TV. The computer also needs iTunes 10.2 or later. Apple installs a copy of iTunes on every new Mac; Windows users can download a free copy of iTunes from Apple.

Wi-Fi Considerations

Because Apple TV transmits video from your computer to your TV via Wi-Fi, you will get better video streaming results if you avoid using your computer network's Wi-Fi connection for other data-intensive purposes simultaneously, such as downloading large files to a laptop or playing online games. You should also avoid making video phone calls over the Internet from a laptop computer when watching live Internet videos on your TV.

Live Video from iOS Devices

Apple iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, have built-in video cameras that capture live video. You can stream whatever appears on the screen of your iOS device to your TV via Apple TV using the device's AirPlay feature. For example, you could shoot live video and watch it on the TV in real time, or make a free video call over the Internet and stream the live video feed to your TV so that everyone in the room can see the person to whom you are speaking.

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