Can You Use Amazon Widgets on Weebly? is a web-based website creator that allows users to create a website with drag and drop interface, a wide variety of templates, a blog feature and a variety of revenue features. users can incorporate Amazon widgets into their websites to earn revenue as an Amazon Associate. In no time, you can add Amazon widgets to your website.

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Become an Associate

Before you can add Amazon widgets to your website, you must become an Amazon Associate. Being an associate allows you to put banners, widgets and links to products on your site. If people use these links to purchase Amazon products, you receive an agreed-upon commission for that sale. Once your account reaches a certain amount, Amazon will send you a check, deposit the money into your bank account or send you an gift card, depending on how you set up your payment option.

Find Widgets

After you are an approved associate, you have access to the Amazon widgets. Amazon has a variety of widgets available. Find the Amazon widget you wish to add to your site. Amazon will ask you to incorporate a variety of products into the widget. For example, if you want to use the Carousel Widget, you must choose a selection of books to add to the carousel. After you add your selection of books, Amazon will provide you with the HTML code that you must add to your website.

Incorporate Widgets

Once you have chosen your widgets, incorporate them into your website. Simply copy the HTML code that Amazon has provided. Log in to your account and make sure you are in edit mode. From the "Elements" tab, click the "More" option that is provided in the toolbar. Choose the "Custom HTML" box that is available on the toolbar. Then, find the spot on your website where you want to incorporate the widget. Drag the box down to the page where you want the widget to appear. Once the box is in place, click inside the box and paste the HTML code provided by Amazon. You can choose whether you want the widget to show up on the left side of that column, the center or the right side. Click outside the Custom HTML box to set the widget in place.


After you review the widget to make sure it looks the way you want it to show up on your page, click the "Publish" box on your site to publish the new widget to your page.

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