Cool HTML Text Effects

Text effects can make your web page more interesting, but used incorrectly, they can make it a nightmare. You can highlight your text, give it a background, make it scroll across your screen or even fall from the top of the web page. Be aware that some HTML codes don't work on all browsers--Netscape in particular. All of these HTML codes should be placed within the


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Scrolling Text

The HTML "marquee" tag will make your text scroll from right to left, left to right and upward or downward. This is one the tags that does not work in Netscape.

One example of scrolling:

Your text here

Backgrounds and Highlighting

Backgrounds place a colored box underneath the text you enter.

Example code:

Your text here

High-lighted text is text that is enhanced with semi-transparent color and produces the same effect as a highlighter pen on text written on paper.

Example code for yellow highlighting:

Your text here

Mouseover Effects

Mouseover effects cause an action to occur when the user pauses the cursor over the section of text that is modified by the "" command. The mouseover text will appear in a small box just beneath and slightly overlapping the regular text.

Example code:

Your regular text here

Falling Text

The falling text effect causes blocks of text to drop down a web page. The "" code is used for this effect and it can be applied across an entire page or a small section only.

For example:

Your text here
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