Copy & Paste Tricks

Copying and pasting -- whether its text, data, images or links -- is hugely helpful for when you need to transfer information quickly. Instead of taking the time to remember and type up every little piece of data, copying and pasting can transfer large amounts of information in seconds. Save yourself even more time and make copying and pasting much more efficient by using some insider tricks and tips.

Copying and pasting involves holding down the "Ctrl" key in conjunction with another key.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts help PC users find quicker and more efficient ways of navigating software. Instead of taking the time to open new menus and select from a list of options, keyboard shortcuts turn several steps of work into one press of a key. The copy and paste functions have their own shortcuts. To copy, press and hold the "Ctrl" key plus the "C" key. The text or image you have highlighted should now be copied. Paste by pressing and holding "Ctrl" plus the "V" key.

In Microsoft Excel

There are a few copy and paste tricks you can perform in Microsoft Excel. For example, copy and paste just the formulas in a cell (and not the numbers) by highlighting the cells and copying them. Select the new cells where you want to paste the formulas and press and hold the "Alt" key -- then tap the "E," "S" and "F" keys in quick succession. Doing so will open the appropriate menus through the shortcuts and select the formula paste option. Click the "OK" button in the pop-up window to confirm. Other Excel paste tricks include pasting formats, which is "Alt" plus "E," "S" and "T," and pasting just the numbers without any formatting, which is "Alt" plus "E," "S" and "V."

Using Notepad

Microsoft Notepad is a plain text program that often is used for editing basic code. You can copy and paste through it to remove any text styles, colors, decorations or font formatting. Simply copy the text, launch Notepad and paste the formatted text into the Notepad page window. You should notice all the text's formatting has been removed. Re-copy the text in Notepad and paste it wherever you need it to go.

Other Shortcuts

The shortcuts for copying and pasting are not the only ones that Window has programmed into the operating system. For example, you can access the Windows Start menu by holding down the "Ctrl" key and tapping the "Esc" button. You can also undo any action you have just performed -- such as accidentally deleting text -- by pressing and holding down the "Ctrl" key and tapping the "Z" button on your keyboard. Formatting shortcuts include underlining text ("Ctrl" plus "U"), italicizing text ("Ctrl" plus "I") and bolding text ("Ctrl" + "B").