Difference Between MicroSD and MicroSDHC

If you need a new micro storage device for your camera, computer, cell phone or other digital device, you’ll want to consider both microSD and microSDHC options. Each type of memory card will offer distinct advantages based on your individual digital storage needs.


One of the primary advantages of a microSD card is its price. A microSD card will usually cost about half as much as a microSDHC card.


MicroSD cards may cost less, but they offer less storage space, starting at 8MB. The “HC” in “SDHC” stands for “high capacity.” With digital storage capacities starting at 4GB, increased space is a major selling point for microSDHC cards.

Data Transfer Speeds

Another major difference between these two cards is their data transfer speeds, or DTS. GetPCMemory.com explains that SD cards have a top transfer speed of 6MB per second. MicroSDHC cards, however, have top speeds of 20MB per second.


Unfortunately, high capacity cards do not work with older devices. MicroSD cards work in any micro card slot; however, microSDHC cards only work in micro card devices specifically labeled as “2.0 compatible.”


In the tech world, older products are seen as obsolete and only the newest products are widely stocked and sold. This is the case with micro storage cards. MicroSD cards are not as widely available as their newer SDHC counterparts.