Does an Actiontec Router Work With Time Warner Cable Internet?

With cable Internet service provided by Time Warner, you can create your own computer network in your home or office. A cable modem is included in the service installation. The modem receives the Internet signal from the cable network and distributes it to your connected computers. You can connect one computer directly to the modem, but if you want to network multiple computers or wireless devices, you must use a networking device, such as an Actiontec router.


Actiontec manufactures numerous routers that you can use to broadcast the Time Warner Internet signal to wireless-enabled devices in your home or office. You can also connect computers or laptops nearby the router using a network cable. Some Actiontec routers are compatible with all cable Internet providers, including Time Warner, but not all routers offer this convenience. You must ensure that the model you have is compatible with your Time Warner service.


When choosing an Actiontec router, your model must support a cable modem interface. Some Actiontec routers, such as the R1000H, support cable and DSL modems of any type and all service providers. The MI424WR supports Verizon FiOS as well as cable and DSL services. These routers are compatible with your Time Warner cable modem. Other Actiontec routers, such as the GT704WGB, are designed to function only as a gateway for Verizon DSL and will not work with Time Warner's cable Internet service.


Setting up the Actiontec router to work with your Time Warner Internet service is easy. First, plug in the router to turn it on. Then connect one end of a network cable to the "LAN" port on the back of the Time Warner modem, and plug the other end into the "Internet" port on the router. It will take a few seconds for the devices to negotiate a connection. The Internet light on the router and the LAN or Network light on the modem will illuminate, indicating that your network is live.


Once the Actiontec router is connected to your Time Warner service, it must be configured for security, and you'll need to create an administrator password. This is done by launching a Web browser on a computer that is connected to the router and typing “” in the browser address bar. The router will prompt you to log in. The default username for an Actiontec router is either “username” or “admin” and the password is “password”. If these defaults don’t work, refer to the router’s manual for instructions. Once you are logged in to the router menu, you can modify the settings to secure your network.