Fairpoint Phone Features

FairPoint Communications was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Charlotte. The company is an incumbent local exchange carrier and provides phone, Internet, television and broadband services for home and business. It operates in 18 states, including Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio and Washington. FairPoint's phone services offer a number of calling features that can be customized based on a user's preference.

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Call Features

FairPoint offers caller ID, which shows the name and number of anyone who calls your phone. The caller information will display after the first ring on a device provided by the company. There is also a call waiting feature that alerts you to an incoming call when you're talking on the phone, and call waiting ID goes further by displaying the name and number of the person trying to call. Call forwarding allows you to send incoming calls to another phone number, call intercept screens unknown calls and call trace allows you to trace a call, record the number and forward the information to FairPoint's Unlawful Call Center.


FairPoint offers two blocking features: per-call blocking and per-line blocking. Per-call blocking allows you — for each individual outgoing call — to prevent your name and number from appearing on the caller ID display of the number being dialed. Per-line blocking prevents your name and number from appearing on all outgoing calls.


FairPoint allows you to dial *69 in order to hear the phone number of the last incoming call. The speed dial feature allows you to make a call to eight assigned local or long-distance numbers by dialing one digit. Speed dial 30 allows you to make a call to as many as 30 assigned local or long-distance numbers by dialing two digits. The three-way calling feature allows the connection of a third call (local or long distance) to the line.

Voice Mail and Wire Maintenance

With home voice mail, calls are answered if you are on the other line, away from home or don't want to pick up the phone. The message is saved on the voice mail system, and you can check your messages using a touchtone or wireless phone. Fairpoint also offers an inside wire maintenance feature that covers diagnosis and repair of inside telephone wiring and jacks that provide dial-tone service.

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