Free Address Label Templates

By G.K. Bayne

Address label templates make creating mailing lists a breeze instead of the chore that it could be if you do it by hand. Microsoft offers many templates for Word including Word 2003 and later versions on the Microsoft Office Website.

Accessing Templates from Microsoft Word 2010

Step 1

Open Word, click the "File" tab and click "New"

Step 2

Double click "Labels" in the Available Templates area.

Step 3

Click "Mailing Labels" and browse the folders therein to find a label that you like.

Accessing Mailing Label Templates Online

Step 1

Open your Web browser and visit Microsoft's Office Templates site (see Resources for link).

Step 2

Click on your version of Word on the left side of the page to filter your results to your version of Word.

Step 3

Click a template to preview it and click "Download" to download the template.

Step 4

Click "Accept" to accept Microsoft's service agreement.

Step 5

Download the file to your computer and double click the file to open it in Word. You may have to click "Enable Editing" to start using the template.

Tips & Warnings

  • Version numbers of your word processor are important. Templates made for newer versions will not normally work with older releases. Double check the compatibility before downloading a free address label template.
  • Be sure to run a virus scan over any templates you download from the Internet. Templates are an easy target for virus infections, and once installed on your computer can be a headache to get rid of.