Free Email Password Recovery

If you have forgotten your email password, proper steps can be taken to find out what your password is, or reset it with a new one. Most email services will just reset your password—no longer revealing your old one.

Recover or reset your email password with these easy steps.


Reset your Hotmail password by visiting the login page and clicking the login box. Click "Forgot your password?" A link to reset your password can be emailed to your secondary email account, or you can answer some privacy questions and reset it.

Yahoo Email

Visit the login page and click "I can't access my account." Then choose "I forgot my password." Enter your username and answer a few privacy questions to reset your password.


Visit the Gmail homepage and click "Can't access your account?" Then click on "I forgot my password." You will be sent to the Password Recovery Page. Enter your username and answer your secret question to begin the password-resetting process.

Visit the homepage. Click "Forgot your password?" Fill out a short form and your password will be sent to your secondary email account.


Choose passwords that can easily be remembered by you, but not by others. For example, a significant object and a memorable number like "mustang2004."