GE Installation Instructions for a Mouse Optical Wireless

General Electrics produces hundreds of products and computer accessories through its subsidiary company Jasco Products Company. GE optical mice are a very popular product that take advantage of Bluetooth technology and USB. These mice can typically be set up in under a minute with an additional software update that takes approximately several minutes.


The GE wireless optical mouse products come in two parts--the mouse and a Bluetooth adaptor. The Bluetooth adaptor is a small universal serial bus (USB) device that plugs into the USB 2.0 slot on your computer. USB slots are designated by a three pronged trident. Plug in the USB device.

Mouse Setup

Install the batteries (2 AA batteries) into the mouse. Locate the red laser light underneath the mouse. Next to the light, there is a small button that will require a small object, such as the end of a pen, to press. Press and hold this light for 3 seconds. You should observe several flashes of red light and then a steady red light when it is ready.


GE optical mice are designed to be plug and play, meaning they do not need external software. However, GE releases periodic updates that can be found either on its site, the Jasco site or Microsoft's site. These updates will typically increase the speed of operation of your device.