Good Internet Speed for Gaming

By James Bisson

As Internet games become more dependent on fast Internet connections, players with slower hook-ups are finding themselves getting left behind. Several different types of Internet connections are fast enough to offer gamers the ability to keep up with everyone else.

Cable Modem

Cable modems can transmit hundreds of kilobytes of data per second, much faster than a traditional dial-up connection. For gamers, the difference is significant, particularly when it comes to games where reaction time is critical to a player's success or failure. The faster the data transmission, the better the reaction time.

Wireless Network

A wireless network connection can reach more than 700 kbps, provided that nobody else is doing something data-intensive on the same network. Securing a wireless network with an encryption will ensure nobody else can hop on and chew up valuable bandwidth, something that would limit how smoothly the online game runs.

T1 and T3 Lines

The most ideal speed for Internet gaming is provided through T1 or T3 lines, which are generally used by large offices and businesses requiring multiple connections. These fiber-optic connections can transmit data at more than 45 megabytes per second. At that connection speed, gamers will never have a problem keeping up with other players.