How Can I Copy Double-Sided Sheets With a Canon MX340?

By Rex Molder

Though the Canon MX340 series printer doesn't offer an automatic double-sided copying option, you can copy both sides of a page by manually reloading the document to be copied and the paper. Double-sided copying saves paper and allows you to reproduce documents that were originally printed on both sides, such as government forms. For the best results, you should place the original directly on the platen glass instead of using the automatic document feeder.

Step 1

Turn the printer on and press the "Copy" button on the control panel to activate the copy mode.

Step 2

Load paper into the rear feeder tray.

Step 3

Lift the printer cover and place the original document with the front page face-down on the glass. The top of the document should be flush with the left side of the glass, aligned with the front-left corner.

Step 4

Close the cover and press the "Copy" button. The printer copies the front page of the document and sends the copy to the document output tray.

Step 5

Remove the copy from the output tray and replace it in the feeder tray. The top of the document should be facing down and the blank side should be visible.

Step 6

Lift the printer cover and flip the original page over. The back page should now be face-down on the glass, with the top of the page flush with the left edge and aligned with the front-left corner.

Step 7

Press the "Copy" button to copy the back page.

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