How Can I Rotate an AVI Video?

By Curt Lanning

AVI is a video file format that is known for its high quality and large file sizes. Some video cameras record in the AVI format, and if somebody records at a bad angle, you may need to rotate it to make the video look right. This isn't an impossible task. Video clip rotation is one of the least challenging video-editing tasks. You don't need to be an editing expert to do it. The Windows operating system offers just the right tool.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • AVI file
  • Windows Movie Maker

Step 1

Launch Windows Movie Maker (if you've uninstalled it or for some reason do not have it, there is a download link in the Resources section of this article).

Step 2

Press "Control" + "I" on the keyboard and a Windows Explorer window will open. Use this window to find your AVI video clip. When you find it, double-click it, and Windows Movie Maker will import your video clip into the program.

Step 3

Drag your AVI clip down to the timeline at the bottom of the window. When it has been added to the timeline, right-click your video clip and select "Video effects" from the right-click menu.

Step 4

Select "Rotate 90," "Rotate 180" or "Rotate 270," depending on which way you want your video rotated.

Step 5

Select "Save movie" from the File menu. Select that you'd like to save your new rotated video clip to "My computer" and click "Next." In the next window name your new clip and choose more specifically where you'd like to save it, then click "Next." Leave the settings in the next window alone, and click "Next" one more time. Movie Maker will then save your new rotated video clip. When it finishes, click the "Finish" button, and exit the program. Your new rotated video clip will be saved where you chose to save it.