How Do I Block Infolinks in Chrome?

If you find in-text ads like those from advertising company Infolinks obtrusive in your Chrome browsing sessions, you can install one of the extensions or apps available for Chrome to hide such ads.

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Open Extensions
credit: Courtesy of Google

Open Google Chrome and click the Tools menu. Click More Tools and then Extensions.

Click Get More Extensions
credit: Courtesy of Google

Click the Get More Extensions link to open the Chrome Web Store in a new tab.

Install Adblock
credit: Courtesy of Google

Type Adblock, Adblock Plus or Adguard Adblocker in the search bar. Read the descriptions of the extensions and apps and then click Add to Chrome next to the one you prefer.

Adblock is turned on.
credit: Courtesy of Google

Browse any websites you like after the extension or app is installed and all types of ads -- including Infolinks in-text ads -- are blocked.

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