How do I Block Phone Calls With Time Warner Cable CO?

By Faizah Imani

Time Warner Cable telephone service users can block all telephone calls that appear on the caller ID box as “Private” or “Anonymous.” TWC can also block telephone calls from being made and received from the line. Unfortunately, as of 2010, Time Warner does not have a feature that will block individual telephone numbers.

Step 1

Subscribe to the “Anonymous Call Rejection” through Time Warner. An additional fee may be charged to activate this feature but it is generally free to subscribers of Time Warner's digital phone service.

Step 2

Dial “*77” from the telephone line you want to block phone calls for. This code must be dialed using a touch tone telephone.

Step 3

Hang up the telephone handset. Anonymous telephone calls will automatically be rejected. The feature can be disabled at any time by dialing “*87” from your telephone handset.