How Do I Block uTorrent on My WNR10000V2 Router?

By Daniel Hatter

UTorrent is a torrent-based program used primarily for sharing files between computers. As with any sharing program of its type, uTorrent can use up substantial bandwidth. If the user isn't careful about who they are sharing files with, viruses can be hiding in with the files they're getting. If you know someone in your network is using uTorrent, block it from the Internet with your WNR1000v2 router.

Step 1

Open your Web browser, type "" or "" into the address bar, click "Go," and then enter in the user name and password for your router. (The default user name and password are "admin" and "password.")

Step 2

Click on "Block Services" in the "Content Filtering" section of the left navigation pane and then click "Add" to specify the uTorrent program for blocking.

Step 3

Choose "TCP/UDP" from the "Protocol" drop-down menu, type "17120" into the "Starting Port and Ending Port" fields (this is uTorrent's default port), and then type "uTorrent" in the "Service Type/User Defined" field.

Step 4

Select "All IP Addresses" in the "Filter Services For" section or enter in the IP address of the computer you want to block from using uTorrent. (Computer IP addresses can be found under "Attached Devices" in the left navigation pane.) When done, click "Add" to block uTorrent with your WNR1000v2 router.

Tips & Warnings

  • 17120 is the default port used by uTorrent, though in rare cases uTorrent will assign a different port. To make sure 17120 is the right port to block, open uTorrent, click on the "Options" menu, select "Preferences," click "Connection," and then note the number in the "Listening Port" field. If it is a different number (not 17120), enter that number instead of 17120 in the "Starting" and "Ending" port fields in the WNR1000v2 setup.