How do I Change Nortel M7310 Caller ID?

By Ben David

The Nortel M7310 phone system has a two-way speakerphone, an LCD display and an eight-line telephone capability. The phone system is built with a host of features and functions that are common to the Nortel line of phone systems, like programmable feature buttons and dual-function memory buttons. The phone is designed to be user-friendly and the process of changing the caller ID in order to view different types of caller information on the phone display is a fairly straightforward one to perform.

Step 1

Press the "Feature" button, then press **266344 on the keypad. Next, press 266344 to log into the the system programming.

Step 2

Press the "Next" button continuously until the display shows: "Caller ID," then press the "Show" button.

Step 3

Press the "Up/Down" navigation buttons to scroll through different caller ID display options, then press the "Change" button to save the chosen display option.