How Do I Insert an Image in a Yahoo Email?

By C. Taylor

Most personal emails tend to be text only, but there's no doubt images convey information and create a more stimulating message. Yahoo Mail accommodates the use of images through embedded images that appear in the email body and attached images. With a lofty limit of 50 images that can total up to 25MB, you have plenty of flexibility when designing your message. However, Yahoo Mail does not support signature images; even though you can create rich text, you'll run into errors if you save a signature with an embedded image.

Using Embedded Images

If you find an image online that you'd like to include in your email, right-click the image and select the "Copy" option. You can then press "Ctrl-V" to paste it directly in the Yahoo Mail composition window. If you click on the photo, you'll see drag handles you can use to resize or distort the image. To remove an image, click it and then press "Delete."

Adding Image Attachments

Click the paperclip icon to open a browsing window, select the image you want to attach and click "Open." To select several files, hold the "Ctrl" key while selecting the images. You can also attach photos by dragging images from File Explorer and releasing them in the composition window. The files then upload and a preview appears in the email's bottom Attachments section. Move your mouse pointer over the image and click the "X" to delete an image or click "Remove All" to remove all attached images.