How Do I Open ACE Files?

Most ACE files are archives created by WinAce -- an archiving utility that achieves compression ratios similar to WinRAR. The contents of these archives can be extracted by WinAce, WinRAR or XAcePlus. Some ACE files may be Train Simulator texture files; these files can't be opened by archiving utilities. Some ACE files are bitmap image files created by Aces200, an obsolete bitmap image editor. XnView can open these bitmaps.

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Opening Various ACE Files

If the ACE file is an archive, you can open it in WinAce, WinRAR or XAcePlus. Select File and click Open or Open Archive in any of these utilities to open the archive. To extract the contents of the file on the hard drive, click Extract or Extract To. You can download a fully functional trial version of WinAce or WinRAR from the developer's website. XAcePlus is a free multi-format extractor developed by E-merge GMBH, the creator of WinAce.

If the ACE file is a bitmap image created by the Aces200 utility, you can open it in XnView. ReaConverter can also open ACE bitmap files, as well as ACE textures used by the Train Simulator game.

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