How do I Set Up Archives in Microsoft Outlook?

By Emmanuelle Douglas

Microsoft Outlook archives let you move old or project-oriented email files to another file. This process lets you keep your most relevant email, calendar, tasks and contacts in your view. Archiving can be done on a set schedule or periodically as the need fits. When archiving Microsoft Outlook, you can specify a date range to move old emails to an archived folder. This folder can be accessed anytime after the archive process is complete.

Step 1

Open Outlook 2007 and select the personal information folder (pst) you want to archive. The personal information folder will be located in the Navigation Pane. It will have a plus sign on the left side of it. When the plus sign is clicked, the entire folder will collapse so your emails, tasks, contacts and calendar will not be in view.

Step 2

Select "File" and "Archive." The Archive dialog box will appear. Select the option for "Archive this folder and all subfolders." Specify a date in the "Archive items in the folder older than" option. Pick a date to remove older emails from view.

Step 3

Browse your computer and locate a place to put this archived folder. Specify a name for your archive folder in the "Archive" file section. Give the archive a name that will remind you of what information is stored in this file. Click "OK."

Step 4

Watch the archive process by looking at the lower right-hand corner of your Outlook window. You will see a message displaying the archive process. Once the archive process is done, this message will disappear.

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