How do I Tile Windows in Four Quadrants?

By Shawn McClain

As large-screen monitors become more and more affordable, many people are taking advantage of that extra space by learning how to work in several different windows at the same time. While you can always manually change the size of your program windows, Windows 7, Vista and XP come with a built-in function that will automatically align your windows. You can choose to have the windows cascade from the left, so you can see all the window titles, align vertically or align side by side.

Step 1

Click on each of the four programs you want to tile to bring them up. Minimized programs are ignored by the automatic tiling system.

Step 2

Right-click in the taskbar, away from any programs icons, to bring up a pop-up menu.

Step 3

Choose "Show windows side by side." Your four windows will now appear in a grid pattern, with each window taking up one quadrant of the screen.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can right-click the taskbar again and choose "Undo show side by side" if you don't like the arrangement.
  • The four windows are assigned a corner based on their relative location, which allows you to determine which windows goes in which quadrant. After you arrange the windows into quadrants, you can manually drag a window to a different quadrant, drag the window currently in that quadrant away and then redo the tiling process.
  • If you have less than four windows up, the programs will be tiled horizontally.

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